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The Uniform and Dress Code Policy is an expression of the following values: unity, simplicity, beauty, order, and modesty. Uniforms contribute to the learning atmosphere by lessening distraction; students are required to wear clothing that is non-conspicuous and free of trends that are associated with social status. It further promotes our values of the Beautiful through its simplicity, order, and modesty.

Saint Michael students wear uniforms provided by Flynn O'Hara on all regular school days. On every day of the week except Thursday, students can choose from a variety of uniform items. On Thursday, students wear "formal uniform" to attend School Mass. Gray Saint Michael t-shirts and House t-shirts can be worn on field trips and special dress days. Please see below for our uniform website and the downloads for specific uniform details.


Students not complying with the uniform and dress code policy will be asked to rectify their appearance, with an infraction typically resulting in a House demerit of ten (10) points but is ultimately up to the instructor's discretion/Head of House's ruling. 

Repeated offenses may result in the student not being permitted to attend class until the uniform is corrected. If necessary, parents may be notified to bring the appropriate uniform pieces to school. The expectation is cheerful and consistent compliance on uniforms from the parents and students, and correspondingly cheerful and consistent enforcement by the school staff.

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