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House System

The Saint Michael House System was established to further the mission of our school in building strong families and keeping Saint Michael's familial feeling through establishing smaller communities of students and faculty. 

The four Saint Michael Houses are: St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, and St. John.

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The Saint Michael House system was established to further the mission of the school through the formation of small communities within the student body and attending families. Within these houses, students have opportunity for fellowship, leadership, service, healthy competition, and mentoring by faculty members and older students, ensuring that students know each other and build relationships across grade levels in the regular life of the school community. Each year, new Saint Michael students are inducted into Houses, where they will remain members throughout their Saint Michael experience.

The House System also provides the basic structure for the formal student leadership of the school. Each House has a House Head who both leads the House and works together with leaders from other houses, faculty, and administrators to oversee many school activities. Teams of additional student leaders from the Houses collaborate to organize and execute inter-House activities—things like socials, service projects, and competitions—as well as to lead intra-House mentorship and fellowship.

By providing this structure, House System encourages students to bring their desires, ideas, and talents into the life of the school - we want them to shape the identity of the school and leave their mark on it. The Houses allow for real responsibilities and real participation. Through healthy competition and shared goals, students learn to work together, solve problems, initiate new ideas, and participate in meaningful traditions. 


In summer 2022, Saint Michael reorganized into four houses in order to better meet the needs of our growing student body. The four houses are named after the Four Evangelists: St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, and St. John.


When considering the names for the new houses, Heads of House and our Head of School choose them based on the leadership that Christian Classical Education looks to. In order to highlight the supremacy of Christ and faithfulness to Him as the ultimate goal of a Christian classical education, we chose four exemplars from the Christian faith to be our house namesakes. 


These early Christian men lived in cultures that were at odds with Christian orthodoxy and practice. In the midst of empires that demanded allegiance, the people from this minority culture chose to serve Christ as their King instead. Most were persecuted for that choice, some were martyred for it, and all are wonderful examples that embolden us to serve Christ and not power, wealth, or fame.

School Traditions

Saint Michael School’s unique, 80-year history is proudly honored through our traditions. These cherished events bind together generations of Saint Michael students, and are the shared memories that last between friends for a lifetime. Each House works together to organize certain events, take care of special classroom celebrations, and make sure our teachers feel loved and supported.

We have recently begun a new tradition of First Fridays, reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The experience of the May crowning, receiving oranges and chocolate in their shoes from St. Nicholas, and the week-long fun of Catholic Schools Week are fond moments for many of our students. Other traditions that mark special moments throughout the year include Kate Skate Day, honoring our veterans on Veterans Day with a program and breakfast, delivering pies to those our students are thankful for, and more.

Other Traditions...

STEM and Science Fair Day
Field Day
Spelling Bee
Book Fair
Muffins for Mom
Donuts for Dad
Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Adventure Night

Visiting our sick and elderly

Spirit Week
Living Rosary

Carving with the Saints

Curriculum Night

Middle School Dance

Staff vs. Students Volleyball 

St. Nicholas Day

International Week

Box of Joy


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