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Abundant Life Speaker Series

Our Abundant Life (formerly Hearts United) Speaker Series was born out of a desire to unite the entire parish and school community in our pursuit of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Four times a year, we come together to learn and to grow in friendship over wine and cheese. 

Dates for our 2021/2022 Series 

Thursday, October 21st

The Power of Prayer

Wine and Cheese Reception in the St. Michael Gym 

Thursday, January 20th

Katerina Kern on Great Women in Literature - The Meaning and Power of Woman.  

Thursday, March 17th 

Come Drink with the Saints! St. Patricks Day Party featuring Mike Folley, (Author of Drinking with the Saints) on Catholic Liberal Arts - Teaching You to Play Your Part in the Play of Life

Thursday, May 19th 

While you wait for our next event, you can enjoy watching our speakers from last year (below). 

Hearts United Speaker Series

Part 1: "Ever Ancient, Ever New" 

Dr. Bill Thierfelder started us off with the fascinating history of the Catholic Church in Gaston County. Filled with historic pictures, this informative talk is interesting for all. 

Part 2: "Working Out a Picture of Happiness"

We all desire happiness for ourselves and for our children. Dr. Joseph Wysocki leads us through an examination of the importance of leisure in education and what that really means for us and our children. 

Part 3: "The Universal Power of Story"

Katerina Kern shares with us her powerful story of living and teaching in Uganda. She paints a convicting picture of how the power of story changes and saves lives.