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Mrs. Haley Tomaszewski

This is Mrs. Tomaszewski's second school year with Saint Michael Catholic School, affectionally called "Mrs. T" by her students. She is the literature instructor for Upper School.

​Prior to Saint Michael, Mrs. T taught at Live Oak Classical School for four years. She knew teaching was her calling because she enjoys the process of trying to discover the truth and discussing big ideas. She believes that her greatest attribute in teaching is her willingness to indulge any devil's advocate argument. 

Mrs. T earned her Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also has a minor in Psychology.

Mrs. T converted to Catholicism in college after realizing that reading the entire library would not answer all of her questions. She now attends Saint Ann's Catholic Church.

In her free time, Mrs. T likes to read, bake, travel, learn languages, debate her philosopher husband, and tell her dog what a handsome boy he is.

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