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Mrs. Lisa Hiatt

This is Mrs. Lisa Hiatt’s third school year with Saint Michael Catholic School.

​Prior to Saint Michael, Mrs. Hiatt taught at the public schools of North Carolina for twenty years. She knew teaching and Learning Assistance was her calling from when she was a child. As she watched her teachers and what they did, she wanted to do the same, and had a very captive audience with her childhood dolls. Mrs. Hiatt believes her greatest attribute in her work is compassion, and believes teaching children is not only an academic effort, but a matter of teaching the whole child.

Mrs. Hiatt earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Appalachian State University in 1999. She also has a certification for Middle School Mathematics. She did her educational shadowing and student experience while earning her degree at various North Carolina schools.

Mrs. Hiatt was raised Catholic. She attended Saint Michael Catholic Church throughout college and still attends our parish to this day. 

In her free time, Mrs. Hiatt teaches Zumba, and likes to color and complete art projects.

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