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Celebrating 80 Years of Education


History of Saint Michael

Saint Michael Catholic School was founded in 1942 by the Saint Michael Catholic Church Parish in 1942 under the direction of Father Gregory Eichenlaub, O.S.B.


The original school was initially located in a parishioner's five-room home, staffed by the local Sisters of Mercy. The school served students in grades 1-6. In 1952, the school moved to its current location as the first building on our campus.

Today, St. Michael Catholic School offers a supportive and nurturing environment to 171 students in Pre-K through 8th grade. The school has been accredited since 1977. St. Michael Catholic School is an integral part of the St. Michael Parish Community. Our school serves students from several surrounding communities including Belmont, Shelby, Lincolnton, River Hills, Clover, South Carolina and other nearby areas.


Gastonia, the largest city and county seat of Gaston County and a part of the Charlotte metropolitan area, is a thriving urban city of about 73,000 people. Many cultural and educational institutions are located in or near Gastonia and serve to enhance the city's appeal.

New and Improved

During the 2018-2019 academic year, Saint Michael Catholic School was deeply blessed to receive a large grant from a private donation as well as as a significant grant through the Diocese of Charlotte. The school underwent a major renovation during the summer of 2019 and opened its newly renovated doors on September 3rd, 2019 with a brand new look and feel.

With updated classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities, Saint Michael is ready to lead our students into the future.

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Classical Education Transition & Moving Forward

The 2021 school year saw the unveiling of the Saint Michael strategic plan, a roadmap that charts the school's transition towards a fully classical model of education — all in service of the school’s core values: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.


What is Classical Education?
Classical Christian Education (CCE) is a traditional approach to education rooted in western civilization and culture, employing the historic curriculum and pedagogy of the seven liberal arts in order to cultivate men and women characterized by wisdom, virtue, and eloquence.

The three language arts of Classical Education are called the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric while the four arts of matter are called the Quadrivium: Arithmetic, Music, Geometry, and Astronomy.

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