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Discovery. Engagement. Collaboration.

At Saint Michael, we believe that education happens everywhere, not just inside the classroom. It begins with teachers and staff who support our students and recognize that no child learns in the same manner. It includes prayer, Mass, time for reflection, and a culture of service and helping others. It means exposing our students to all types of subject matter, from science experiments to fine arts performances. It includes developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in our students for the world ahead. It cultivates self-respect and respect for others. Most importantly, Saint Michael seeks to ensure students are prepared academically and spiritually for higher education and life beyond the classroom.



Saint Michael also offers learning support, guidance, and counseling programs to ensure that our students succeed in all that they do.

Classical Education

Classical Christian Education (CCE) is a traditional approach to education rooted in western civilization and culture, employing the historic curriculum and pedagogy of the seven liberal arts in order to cultivate men and women characterized by wisdom, virtue, and eloquence.

Classical education is multi-faceted, focusing on many facets of being and knowing Christ: the Pedagogical, Cultural, Religious, Historical, Theoretical, and Curricular.

Classical Education focuses on teaching students the Seven Liberal Arts, with the first three core parts of Classical Education being the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric and the last four components being the Quadrivium: Arithmetic, Music, Geometry, and Astronomy.

Our Mission page explains more about our transition to a Classical Education curriculum and what it comprises.


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