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Guidance and Counseling


These programs provide resources for the growth and development of the student in three areas: Academic development, career development, and personal/social development. This is accomplished in classroom, small group, and individual settings. We provide parents with information on community resources, plan parent programs on relevant topics and maintain a crisis intervention management plan.​

Guidance Counselor

Learning Support

Learning Support services are provided in-house by our Learning Support Specialist (LSS) and include:

  • Progress monitoring throughout the school year

  • Appropriate classroom accommodations

  • Communication between the Learning Specialist, teachers, and the parents of the child monitored.

Learning Support Specialist

The LSS’s role at our school is centered on the individual needs of children with learning differences. Part of this role is to oversee student assessments which help us uncover the symptoms of learning differences early, to organize and review the data for parents and teachers, and then to monitor student progress as needed throughout the school year. The LSS keeps an ongoing screening process of students, and then initiates communication with the teachers regarding the data.

The LSS takes the lead in discussing assessment data, classroom data, and observations with parents, as well as providing recommendations for appropriate and feasible actions based on this data. The LSS will also provide referrals for diagnostic evaluations, specialized services, and specialized instructors, should the need arise.

As part of the support for students, teachers, and parents, the LSS meets with the parents and teachers to review current evaluation paperwork. After this review, the group will determine an educational plan for the student (Student Academic Plan or SAP), which includes proper accommodations to be provided in the classroom.

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